Degrees offered

The department offers two degrees at the graduate level:

Master of Science (MS) in Electrical and Computer Engineering

The MS degree concentrates on establishing a sound theoretical foundation and on exposing students to advanced developments. The critical thinking and high level of mathematical and algorithmic facility required by the abstract nature of graduate courses allow the MS graduate to assume responsibility and supervision beyond that normally given a BS engineer.

MS students study in one of four broad areas:

Students pursuing the MS degree work closely with a faculty advisor and develop the research and design tools necessary to participate in the leading edge developments in the discipline. Students applying for the MS degree sould indicate their research interests and preferred faculty advisor within the application.

MS degree requirements

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Electrical and Computer Engineering

The PhD student collaborates with a faculty advisor on a topic that may have a lasting influence on theoretical understanding or on professional practice. Although courses on advanced topics in one of the four areas of emphasis are taken, the PhD is primarily a research experience that requires an ability to identify, investigate, formulate, and solve new problems of interest. The results of this exercise are reported in a dissertation and in the research literature. Careers for PhD graduates are characterized by the expectation to act with considerable independence and to assume major responsibilities. The PhD graudate is prepared for a wide range of career choices in industry, government agencies, and academia.

PhD degree requirements

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