Michael I. Duersch
2013 Backprojection for Synthetic Aperture Radar
Prof. David Long
John F. Hulbert
2013 ARROW-based On-Chip Alkali Vapor-cell Development
Prof. Aaron Hawkins
Britton T. Quist
2013 Improved Channel Probing for Secret Key Generation with Multiple Antenna Systems
Prof. Michael Jensen
Brett J. Hansen
2013 Microfabrication Processes and Advancements in Planar Electrode Ion Traps as Mass Spectrometers
Prof. Aaron Hawkins
Farnaz Karimdady Sharifabad
2013 Covariance Modeling and Space-Time Coding for MIMO Systems
Prof. Michael Jensen
Yubo Li
2012 Reliability Techniques for Data Communication and Storage in FPGA-Based Circuits
Prof. Brent Nelson
John C. Macdonald, Jr.
2012 Efficient Estimation for Small Multi-Rotor Air Vehicles Operating in Unknown, Indoor Enivronments
Prof. Randy Beard
Stanley J. Ness
2012 Functionalization of In-plane Photonic Microcantilever Arrays for Biosensing Applications
Prof. Greg Nordin
Bryce Benson Ready
2012 Filtering Techniques for Pose Estimation with Applications to Unmanned Air Vehicles
Prof. Clark Taylor
Keith M. Stuart
2012 Application of Seawinds Scatterometer Data to the Study of Antarctic Icebergs
Prof. David Long
Liang Sun
2012 Dynamic Modeling, Trajectory Generation and Tracking for Towed Cable Systems
Prof. Randy Beard
Ryan Robert Anderson
2012 Characterization and Preliminary Demonstration of Microcantilever Array Integrated Sensors
Prof. Greg Nordin
Michael J. Elmer
2012 Improved Methods for Phased Array Feed Beamforming in Single Dish Radio Astronomy
Prof. Brian Jeffs
Brett L. Mellor
2012 Liquid Dielectric Spectroscopy and Protein Simulation
Prof. Brian Mazzeo
Spencer G. Fowers
2012 Limited Resource Feature Detection, Description, and Matching
Prof. D. J. Lee
Christopher Michael Lavin
2012 Using Hard Macros to Accelerate FPGA Compilation for Xilinx FPGAs
Prof. Brent Nelson
Kirt D. Lilywhite
2012 Feature Construction Using Evolution-Constructed Features for General Object Recognition
Prof. D. J. Lee
Nathaniel H. Rollins
2012 Hardware and Software Fault-Tolerance of Softcore Processors Implemented in SRAM-Based FPGAs
Prof. Mike Wirthlin
Beau J. Tippetts
2012 Real-Time Stereo Vision for Resource Limited Systems
Prof. D. J. Lee
Yue Zhao
2012 Low-Photoluminescence Hollow Waveguide Platforms for High-Sensitivity Integrated Optical Sensors
Prof. Aaron Hawkins
Wade Fife
2011 Improved Stereo Vision Methods for FPGA-Based Computing Platforms
Prof. James Archibald
Rajnikant Sharma
2011 Bearing-Only Cooperative-Localization and Path-Planning of Ground and Aerial Robots
Prof. Randy Beard
Brian Phillips
2011 Tailoring the Spectral Transmission of Optofluidic Waveguides
Prof. Aaron Hawkins
Huili Yu
2011 Vision-Based Path Planning, Collision Avoidance, and Target Tracking for Unmanned Air and Ground Vehicles in Urban Environments
Prof. Randy Beard
Matthew Holmes
2011 Integration of Micropore and Nanopore Features with Optofluidic Waveguides for Single Particle Sensing
Prof. Aaron Hawkins
Jonathan Landon
2011 Development of an Experimental Phased-Array Feed System and Algorithms for Radio Astronomy
Prof. Brian Jeffs
Yan Shi
2011 Robust Signaling, Scheduling and Authentication in the Multi-User Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output Channel
Prof. Michael Jensen
Michael Johnson
2011 Advancements in the Solid-State Impact-Ionization Multiplier (SIM) through Theory, Simulation, and Design
Prof. Aaron Hawkins
Weisheng Hu
2011 Development of Single-Chip Silicon Photonic Microcantilever Arrays for Sensing Applications
Prof. Greg Nordin
Yabing Luo
2011 A Correlation-Based Method to Detect Weak Dependence
Prof. Wynn Stirling
Brian Pratt
2011 Analysis and Mitigation of SEU-Induced Noise in FPGA-Based DSP Systems
Prof. Michael Wirthlin
Michael Owen
2010 Scatterometer Contamination Mitigation
Prof. David Long
Mark Hamblin
2010 Thin Film Microfluidic and Nanofluidic Labs-on-a-Chip
Prof. Aaron Hawkins
Evan J. Lunt
2010 Low-Loss Hollow Waveguide Platforms for Optical Sensing and Manipulation
Prof. Aaron Hawkins
Chan Chen
2010 Secret Key Establishment Using Wireless Channels as Common Randomness in Time-Variant MIMO Systems
Prof. Michael Jensen
Tao Shang
2010 Impedance Imaging and Measurements by Microprobes in Aqueous Environments
Prof. Aaron Hawkins
Brent A. Williams
2010 Signal Processing Methods for Ultra-High Resolution Scatterometry
Prof. David Long
Joshua L. Beutler
2010 Frequency Response and Gain Enhancement of Solid-State Impact-Ionization Multipliers (SIMs)
Prof. Aaron Hawkins
Michael David Larsen
2010 Studies on the Performance and Impact of Channel Estimation in MIMO and OFDM Systems
Prof. Arnold Swindlehurst
Evan C. Zaugg
2010 Generalized Image Formation for Pulsed and LFM-CW Synthetic Aperture Radar
Prof. David Long
Richard S. Gibson
2009 Slab Coupled Optical Fiber Sensors for Electric Field Sensing Applications
Prof. Stephen Schultz
Derek Lavell Hudson
2009 Improving Accuracy in Microwave Radiometry via Probability and Inverse Problem Theory
Prof. David Long
Joshua Monroe Kvavle
2009 A System Level Approach to D-Fiber Electric Field Sensing
Prof. Stephen Schultz
Jong Wook Noh
2009 In-Plane All-Photonic Transduction Method for Silicon Photonic Microcantilever Array Sensors
Prof. Greg Nordin
Xiaoyu Dang
2009 Offset QPSK in SISO and MIMO Environments
Prof. Donald Comer
Jeffrey B. Saunders
2009 Obstacle Avoidance, Visual Automatic Target Tracking, And Task Allocation For Small Unmanned Air Vehicles
Prof. Randy Beard
David Casbeer
2009 Decentralized Estimation Using Information Consensus Filters with a Multi-Static UAV Radar Tracking System
Prof. Randy Beard
Joseph Palmer
2009 Real-Time Carrier Frequency Estimation Using Disjoint Pilot Symbol Blocks
Prof. Brent Nelson
Yusheng Qian
2009 Compact Trench-based Bend and Splitter Devices for Silicon-on-Insulator Rib Waveguides
Prof. Greg Nordin
Zhaoyi Wei
2009 Real-Time Optical Flow Sensor Design and its Application on Obstacle Detection
Prof. D. J. Lee
Congling Nie
2008 Wind/Rain Backscatter Modeling and Wind/Rain Retrieval for Scatterometer and Synthetic Aperture Radar
Prof. David Long
Hua Sun
2008 Throughput Constrained and Area Optimized Dataflow Synthesis for FPGAs
Prof. Michael Wirthlin
Tyson Lowder
2008 Surface-Relief D-Fiber Bragg Gratings for Sensing Applications -
Prof. Stephen Schultz
Timothy Hollis
2007 Circuit and Modeling Solutions for High-Speed Chip-to-Chip Communication
Prof. David Comer
Derek Kingston
2007 Decentralized Control of Multiple UAVs for Perimeter and Target Surveillance
Prof. Randy Beard
Kent Layton
2007 Low-Voltage Analog CMOS Architectures and Design Methods
Prof. Donald Comer
Lisha Li
2007 High Gain Low Power Operational Amplifier Design and Compensation Techniques
Prof. Donald Comer
Hongze Liu
2007 A High-Resolution Microscopic Electrical Impedance Imaging Modality: Scanning Impedance Imaging
Prof. Travis Oliphant
N. Thomas Nelson
2007 Space-Time Coding with Offset Modulations
Prof. Michael Rice
Pengcheng Zhan
2007 Optimizing Wireless Network Throughput: Methods and Applications
Prof. A. Lee Swindlehurst
John Barber
2006 Fabrication of Hollow Optical Waveguides on Planar Substrates
Prof. Aaron Hawkins
Nicolas Bikhazi
2006 MIMO Communication Capacity: Antenna Coupling and Precoding for Incoherent Detection
Prof. Michael Jensen
Yongjie Cheng
2006 Design and Realization of a Single Stage Sigma-Delta ADC with Low Oversampling Ratio
Prof. David Comer
Stephen Haroon
2006 Microwave Remote Sensing of Saharan Ergs and Amazon Vegetation
Prof. David Long
Hong-Wei Lee
2006 Solid-State Impact Ionization Multiplier
Prof. Aaron Hawkins
Xu (Bridget) Xiaoqian
2006 Shape Matching, Relevance Feedback, and Indexing with Application to Spine X-Ray Image Retrieval
Prof. D. J. Lee
Ding Zhihong
2006 ARQ Techniques for MIMO Communication Systems
Prof. Michael Rice
Matthew Morris
2005 The Impact of Antenna and RF System Characteristics on MIMO System Capacity
Prof. Michael Jensen
Erik Perrins
2005 Reduced Complexity Detection Methods for Continuous Phase Modulation
Prof. Michael Rice
Kevin Smith
2005 In-Fiber Optical Devices Based on D-Fiber
Prof. Richard Selfridge
Gregory Ahlquist
2004 Functionally Decomposing Finite Field Multipliers for Efficient Implementation on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
Prof. Brent Nelson
Ivan Ashcraft
2004 Microwave Remote Sensing of the Greenland Ice Sheet: Models and Applications
Prof. David Long
Karl Hemmert
2004 Source Level Debugging of Circuits Synthesized from High Level Language Descriptions
Prof. Brad Hutchings
William Marble
2004 Design and Analysis of Charge-Transfer Amplifiers for Low-Power Analog to Digital Converter Applications
Prof. Craig Petrie
Floyd Millet
2004 Improving Electromagnetic Bias Estimates
Prof. Karl Warnick
Christian Peel
2004 Studies in Multiple-Antenna Wireless Communications
Prof. Lee Swindlehurst
Wei Ren
2004 Consensus Seeking, Formation Keeping, and Trajectory Tracking in Multiple Vehicle Cooperative Control
Prof. Randy Beard
Quentin Spencer
2004 Transmission Strategies for Wireless Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output Communications
Prof. Lee Swindlehurst
Justin Tripp
2004 An Optimizing Compiler for Configurable Logic
Prof. Brad Hutchings
Yihong Dai
2003 Precision References for Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits
Prof. Donald Comer
David Draper
2003 Wind Scatterometry with Improved Ambiguity Selection and Rain Modeling
Prof. David Long
Peter Yoho
2003 Satellite Scatterometers: Calibration Using a Ground Station and Statistical Measurement Theory
Prof. David Long
J. Willard Curtis III
2002 A Complete Parameterization of CLF-Based Controls Via Satisficing Theory
Prof. Randy Beard
Jon Wallace
2002 Modeling Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Electrically Large Structures
Prof. Michael Jensen
Douglas Thompson
2001 Innovative Radar Interferometry
Prof. David Arnold
Paul Graham
2001 Logical Hardware Debuggers for FPGA-Based Systems
Prof. Brent Nelson
Michael Spencer
2001 A Methodology for the Design of Spaceborne Pencil-Beam Scatterometer Systems
Prof. David Long
Jonathon Lawton
2000 A Behavior-Based Approach to Multiple Spacecraft Formation Flying
Prof. Randy Beard
Quinn Remund
2000 Multisensor Microwave Remote Sensing in the Cryosphere
Prof. David Long
Xiangyang (Jeff) Zhuang
2000 Blind Channel Equalization and Estimation for Wireless Communications
Prof. Lee Swindlehurst
Paul Johnson
1999 Uncertainties in Oceanic Microwave Remote Sensing: The Radar Footprint, The Wind-Backscatter Relationship, and the Measurement Probability Density Function
Prof. David Long
David Early
1998 A Study of the Scatterometer Image Reconstruction Algorithm and its Application to Polar Ice Studies
Prof. David Long
Jim Freeze
1998 Theory and Application of the Recursive Green's Function Method for Analysis of Electromagnetic Waves in Inhomogeneous Media
Prof. Richard Selfridge
Jacob Gunther
1998 Recursive Blind Equalization Based on Cyclostationarity and Structured Kernels
Prof. Lee Swindlehurst
John Kenney
1998 Set-Valued Nonlinear Estimation Using the Galerkin Approximation
Prof. Wynn Stirling
Dong Chul Kim
1997 An Interleaved Cyclic Ring Network Based on SCI
Prof. LeRoy Bearnson
Karl Warnick
1997 A Differential Forms Approach to Electromagnetics in Anisotropic Media
Prof. David Arnold
Michael Wirthlin
1997 Improving Functional Density Through Run-Time Circuit Reconfiguration
Prof. Brad Hutchings
Michael Goodrich
1996 A Theory of Satisficing Control
Prof. Wynn Stirling
Ryan Reed
1996 Statistical Properties of the Sea Scattered RADAR Return
Prof. David Long
Mohammad Al-Rousan
1996 Reliability and Performance of Hierarchical Large-Scale Ring-Based SCI Shared-Memory Multiprocessors
Prof. James Archibald
Lisa Talbot 1996 A Statistical Fuzzy Grade-of-Membership Approach to Unsupervised Data Clustering with Application to Remote Sensing
Prof. H. Dennis Tolley (Statistics)
Fan Xu
1996 Contractive Encoding for Arbitrary Vector Quantizers
Prof. Richard Frost
Mark Larsen
1995 Complexity-Constrained Trellis Coded Quantizers
Prof. Richard Frost
Wai-Ho Pun
1995 Parametric Model-Adaptive Image Restoration
Prof. Brian Jeffs
Jiankan (Jack) Yang
1995 Development and Analysis of Signal Copy and Blind Algorithms
Prof. Lee Swindlehurst
Metin Gunsay
1994 Eigenvector-Based Point Source Localization Applied to Image Restoration
Prof. Brian Jeffs
Kelly Flanagan
1993 A New Methodology for Accurate Trace Collection and Its Applications to Memory Hierarchy Performance Modeling
Prof. Brent Nelson
Knut Grimsrud
1993 Quantifying Locality
Prof. James Archibald
Newell Stacey
1993 Error Spectrum Shaping Quantization
Prof. Gene Ware
Rustin Allred
1992 Variable Block-Size Vector Quantization for Binary Images
Prof. Richard Christiansen
Robert Smith
1992 Hardware Prefetching Strategies for Second Level Caches
Prof. James Archibald
Cunlin Qian 1991 System Identification: Signal Causality and Feedback Determination
Prof. Wynn Stirling
Joe Scanlan 1991 Methods for Improving the Feature Representations of 2-D Image Patterns
Prof. Doug Chabries
Sam Smith
1991 A Computational Approach to Fuzzy Logic Controller Design
Prof. David Comer
Scott Budge
1990 A Rotational-Invariant Image Pattern Classifier
Prof. Doug Chabries
Mark Christiansen
1990 Digital Speech Processing in the Context of a Human Auditory Model
Prof. Doug Chabries
Chris Read 1989 A Computation Compression Technique For Linear Algorithms
Prof. Richard Christiansen
Chris Barnes
1989 Residual Quantizers
Prof. Richard Frost
Doug Lynn
1988 Frequency-Domain FIR and IIR Adaptive Filters
Prof. Doug Chabries
Darryl Morrell
1988 A Theory of Set-Valued Estimation
Prof. Wynn Stirling
Robert Muir
1988 Signal Detection and Estimation Using Classification-Directed Adaptive Modeling
Prof. Wynn Stirling
Tim Patterson
1984 Target Detection from Geosynchronous Orbit Using a Staring Mosaic Infrared Sensor
Prof. Doug Chabries
David Huber
1980 A Frequency Shifted Laser Interferometer
Prof. Paul Berrett
John Bancroft
1975 Electronic Detection and Normalization of Speech Formants
Prof. Gayle Miner
Henry Adaniya
1974 Room Temperature Thermal Conductivity of Sintered Diamond
Prof. Lawrence Bowman
Richard Wheeler
1973 Electrical, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties of Sintered Diamond Particles
Prof. John Clegg

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