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Diversity and Belonging


The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering seeks to ensure that all students in our program feel a true sense of belonging. We work to provide an inclusive environment that helps students with diverse backgrounds succeed while here on campus and prepares graduates to support diversity and contribute to inclusion in the workplace. Our curriculum includes training on diversity and inclusion at key junctures in the program. For students with individual needs and concerns, contact points are available within the department, college, and university for support and information about available resources:

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Janalyn Mergist
Department Advisor
460R EB
(801) 422-4013 

Allyson Gibson
External Relations Coordinator
450S EB
(801) 422-7962 

Women's Services and Resources
Women's Issues
Confidential Reporting Area
Balancing family and careers
3326 WSC

Office of Student Success and Inclusion
Marissa Gilson, Inclusion Advisor, multicultural students
Blake Fisher, Inclusion Advisor, LGBTQ students
2010 WSC