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How-To Videos

How and WHY to Solder Correctly

How to solder electronics components - video for beginners

How to Desolder Through-Hole Parts, Why Some Joints are Difficult

HowTo: Drag Soldering Demo

Surface Mount Soldering 101

Crimping Connectors
Large Molex

BNC Coax RG58 Type

Ethernet Ports

Pin Removal

SMA Coax

Small Molex

Solderless Terminals

Amp Type Crimping

Basic Electronics
Ohm's Law


Zener Diodes

Passive RC high pass filter

Basic Electricity

Collin's Lab Schematics

Circuit Skills



Schottky Diodes

PWM Circuits

Voltage Divider

Electrical Transformer Tutorial


Diode Tutorial

Passive RC low pass filter

Control Motors

Adjustable Power Supply

Voltage Regulator Tutorial

Test Equip
Multimeter Tutorial

Oscilloscope Tutorial Part 2

Function Generator Tutorial

Oscilloscope Tutorial Part 3

What is an oscilloscope?

LTSpice Circuit Simulation
Circuit Simulation in LTSpice part 1/3

Circuit Simulation in LTSpice part 2/3

Circuit Simulation in LTSpice part 3/3


Operational Amplifier Tutorial

Capacitor Replacement