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Project Requests

All information, prices, instructions, and DRC/CAM files are contained in the form below. Please read it carefully.
PCB files and settings have changed.

Eagle Files:

Please download the following files and place them in their respective folders within the Eagle directory (something like “C:\EAGLE-7.7.0”). If you’re using Eagle through CAEDM Citrix then the files are already there. Just remember to use them!
CAM (5-22-18)
Design Rules (5-22-18)
These files have been updated, so even if you have downloaded them in the past please re-download and replace them.
Make sure to use the DRC file and fix all possible clearance issues before exporting your gerber files, otherwise your board may be delayed or milled incorrectly!

Single-sided boards: $0.40/sq. in.
Double-sided boards: $0.50/sq. in.

KiCAD Settings:

KiCAD settings can be found here. The important settings are boxed in red. Although most of these can be changed if necessary, they provide the best default settings for our service. When applying the settings to a pre-made board, make sure to check everything after applying the new settings to make sure your board is compliant.

3D Printing:

- Acceptable File formats are *.stl or *.obj
- The Shop has two Raise3D Pro2 printers. They print using PLA.
- All prints must fit within an area of 12x12x11.8 in (304.5x304.5x299.5 mm)
- Layer thickness is .05mm-.25mm (Typicaly .20mm)
PLA- Strong, harder (and more brittle) than ABS, though printed objects will generally have a glossier look and feel than ABS. With a little more work, PLA can also be sanded and machined. The lower melting temperature of PLA makes it unsuitable for many applications as even parts spending the day in a hot car may droop or deform, however, it can produce much larger prints without warping and requires less support. Not soluble in acetone.
Softening Temperature: ~140° F
Melting Temperature: ~320° F
PLA costs $0.18/gram
You need to select a fill level for the solid objects. Understand that most projects only require Low levels of infill to be structurally sound.

Laser Cutting:

CUTTING AREA: 13" x 20"
MAX MATERIAL SIZE: 16" x 22.5"

  • .DXF (2D only)
  • .SVG (standard vector file) (preferred)
  • .BMP (for image engraving)

Laser cutting costs $.06/min cutting/rastering runtime Include tables under: (Tables are in the project request Form)
-Never Cut These Materials