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You may use this booking system to schedule an in person appointment to visit with Electrical and Computer Engineering Advisors in the ECEn Department office suite in 450 EB.

Cybersecurity and IT students can also schedule below to meet with the Cybersecurity advisor in the Crabtree in room CB 265.

If you are not currently a student on campus, or unable to come in for any reason, including illness, please email us and we will be happy to assist you through email or a phone appointment.

Thank you!

-Your ECEn Advisement Team

Booking an Appointment With Janalyn Mergist, ECE Academic Advisor

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Booking an Appointment With Jana Featherstone

New Student Academic Advisor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Graduate Advisor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, IT & Cybersecurity

Booking an Appointment With Alisha Wall

IT & Cybersecurity Undergraduate Advisor

Make an Appointment for:

  • Internship questions, processes and approvals
  • Academic Improvement Plans (AIP)
  • Academic Holds or yearly check ins
  • Major/Minor exploration and changes
  • Graduation Application status or questions

Cybersecurity and IT students can also contact our peer advisors for scheduling help and quick questions at 801-422-1818,