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A Head Start: BYU’s STEM camp

Y shaped circuit boards

Unleash your innovative side with this unique opportunity to learn! BYU’s STEM camp offers a unique hands-on experience to learning the basics of building and programming something from scratch. The program is one week long, and is for students entering 10th and 11th grade. The projects students will be working on range from biology to mechanical engineering to building robots. This year, we have two exciting new projects designed by members of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department.

One of these projects is learning to program with a Y circuit board. The board features LED lights and allows students to practice programming the LEDs to reflect their personal preferences.

The second new project is soldering and programming a game controller. The controller features a screen, buttons and a control stick, and even a speaker for sound effects. The system can run games like Tetris when an SD card with the program is inserted. The device also has Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, something that can be used for further projects down the line.

More information and registration help can be found here.

Through offering engaging projects, everyone involved in STEM camp aims to empower and inspire the next generation, fostering their determination to create a bright future and realize the boundless potential that can be achieved through hard work and innovation.

Game controller