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ECE Research

Core Research Areas

Research in Electrical and Computer Engineering encompasses many disciplines and applications, which can be broadly grouped into three interrelated areas.

Physical Technology & Science

Research in this section is focused on device technology and the future of electronic devices, whether that be research in materials, nanostructures, semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, or quantum technologies. We also investigate the physics, systems, and devices based on electromagnetism and photonics. Applications of technologies in this section include sensing, imaging, communications, security, and information processing.

Information Systems & Science

Research in this category includes focuses on information theory and coding, communications and networking, control and optimization, signal processing, and (radar) remote sensing. Applications of these research areas can be found in computer vision, autonomous systems such as unmanned aerial systems and self-driving cars, physical communication security, and many others.

Hardware/Software Systems

Our research in this area looks into new ways to design, architect, and manage energy-efficient computer systems for applications including error-resistant approaches to computing in harsh environments (such as space), internet-of-things, and modifying software to extend the capabilities of hardware without any physical upgrades.