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Applications Close April 21st
By Holly Cluff April 16, 2021 03:56 PM
Electrical Engineering's own Dr. Cammy Peterson received the first annual Inspiring Learning Award - Experiential Learning from BYU Careers and Experiential Learning on 16 April, 2021.
By Holly Cluff April 12, 2021 01:58 PM
Electrical Engineering senior Keaton Shurilla pictures a future where he can roll up to the club and experience a 360-degree audio system - not through strategically-spaced speakers, but through speakers with the technological prowess to project sound everywhere in the room. In that imagined future, he wants someone across the world to tune in with a virtual reality system so sophisticated it feels like they’re in the club with him. He is combining his passions for technology and the arts to make that future more feasible.
By Holly Cluff April 05, 2021 01:03 PM
The Experiential Learning Center hosted the second semi-annual robotics competition on March 26, 2021, with six finalist teams competing for the $500 grand prize.

Electrical & Computer Engineering Faculty Job Openings

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Brigham Young University announces that it has two openings for continuing-faculty-status professorial track positions. The department is seeking outstanding faculty candidates who will challenge an exceptional student body through teaching, mentoring, and excellent research, and a willingness to fully support and participate in the ideals and mission of BYU. The first opening is specifically for candidates in the area of Computer Engineering. The second opening is for candidates in any areas of Electrical or Computer Engineering.

Apply Now - Computer Engineering Area

Apply Now - Electrical and Computer Engineering Areas

What is the difference between Electrical and Computer Engineering? Click to learn more.
The Electrical Engineering field focuses on electronic circuits, electromagnetics, optics, signal processing, semiconductors, and others. Click to learn more.
The Computer Engineering program includes additional training in computer programming, computer architecture and organization, and networking. Click to learn more.