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IT Minor


The IT minor provides students with a strong foundation in computer systems, which have permeated nearly every discipline. It is ideal for students that want to develop marketable skills and apply cutting-edge technologies to a variety of contexts.

Students begin with an overview of what IT&C has to offer versus other technical majors, developing foundational skills with computers, networks, web systems, cybersecurity, and technical problem solving (IT&C 101). Then students learn web development principles, networking protocols, and database security in our Fundamentals of Web-Based Technologies courses (IT&C 210A/B). From there, students can choose to emphasize in several different fields, including classes related to various emphasis areas.

Those already in a technology-focused major often augment their skills with some of our upper-level classes in subjects like cybersecurity, embedded systems, networking, and human-computer interaction. These classes can help round out your profile and give you a broader perspective into computing, programming, and information handling. For questions, please contact the Advisor for Cybersecurity.