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Undergraduate - Electrical & Computer Engineering

Class NumberCourse Name
ECEn 191New Student Seminar
ECEn 199RAcademic Internship
ECEn 224Intro to Computer Systems
ECEn 240Circuit Analysis and Laboratory
ECEn 301Elements of Electrical Engineering
ECEn 323Computer Organization
ECEn 330Introduction to Embedded System Programming
ECEn 340Electronic Circuit Design 1
ECEn 360Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
ECEn 380Signals and Systems
ECEn 390Junior Team Design Project
ECEn 391Junior Seminar
ECEn 426Computer Networks
ECEn 427Embedded Systems
ECEn 445Introduction to Mixed-Signal VLSI
ECEn 446Power Electronics
ECEn 450Introduction to Semiconductor Devices
ECEn 452Experiments in Integrated Circuit Development
ECEn 462Electromagnetic Radiation and Propagation (Block 1)
ECEn 464Wireless Communication Circuits (Block 2)
ECEn 466Introduction to Optical Engineering (Block 2)
ECEn 475Capstone Design 1
ECEn 476Capstone Design 2
ECEn 483Design of Control Systems
ECEn 485Introduction to Digital Communication Theory
ECEn 487Introduction to Discrete-Time Signal Processing
ECEn 493RSpecial Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Graduate - Electrical & Computer Engineering

Class NumberCourse Name
ECEn 521Introduction to Algorithm Design
ECEn 522RSpecial Topics in Computer Systems
ECEn 541Active and Passive Filter Design
ECEn 542RSpecial Topics in Electronics
ECEn 543CMOS Amplifier Design
ECEn 548Analog CMOS Circuit Design
ECEn 549VLSI Communication Circuit Design
ECEn 550Microelectromechanical Systems
ECEn 555Optoelectronic Devices
ECEn 560Electromagnetic Wave Theory
ECEn 562Optical Communication Components and Systems
ECEn 563Numerical Methods
ECEn 564Radar and Communication Systems
ECEn 568Microwave Remote Sensing
ECEn 620Advanced Digital Systems
ECEn 621Computer Arithmetic
ECEn 625Compilation Strategies for High-Performance Systems
ECEn 626Computer Internetworking
ECEn 627Advanced Embedded Systems
ECEn 628Advanced Computer Architecture
ECEn 629Reconfigurable Computing Systems
ECEn 631Robotic Vision
ECEn 648Advanced Mixed-Signal Circuit Design
ECEn 661Applied Electromagnetics and Optics
ECEn 662RSpecial Topics in Electromagnetics
ECEn 665Antennas and Propagation for Wireless Communication
ECEn 670Stochastic Processes
ECEn 671Mathematics of Signals and Systems
ECEn 672Detection and Estimation Theory
ECEn 673-Me En 633Digital Control Systems
ECEn 674-MeEn 634Flight Dynamics and Control
ECEn 678Digital Image Processing
ECEn 682RMedical Imaging & Image Reconstruction
ECEn 692Professional Writing for ECEn
ECEn 699RMaster’s Thesis
ECEn 770Information Theory
ECEn 773-Me En 733Linear System Theory
ECEn 774-Me En 734Nonlinear System Theory
ECEn 775Error-Control Coding
ECEn 776Advanced Digital and Wireless Communications
ECEn 777Digital Signal Processing
ECEn 799RDoctoral Dissertation