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2022 Recruitment Dinner: The Largest Held to Date

Recruiting Dinner

Accompanying the 2022 STEM fair in student recruitment opportunities, the annual recruitment dinner for BYU Electrical and Computer Engineering students was also recently held. Students, faculty, and employers alike met in the Wilkinson Center to make connections and assist the students of this department in finding career opportunities.

The audience was not comprised of students and faculty alone, however. According to Dr. Jeff Goeders, the director of the event, 304 people attended the event. Of that number, 257 were students, their spouses, or their families. Altogether, this was the largest recruitment dinner the ECEn department has held to date, with a record number of students and employers attending.

During the event, companies presented themselves to the audience and took turns introducing themselves and how their company was involved in the world of electrical and computer engineering. More specifically, they explained what made their specific company so notable, and why students should consider working for them in the future. In total, 13 companies attended the event, each with prominent positions for students to fill. Noteworthy companies in attendance included but were not limited to Intel, Raytheon, and Marvell. After the main dinner, students had the chance to attend individualized company info sessions in separate rooms of the Wilkinson Center.

Speaking further with Dr. Jeff Goeders, he explained that “lots of students have told me how much they enjoy the event. Several students have found internships or full-time work through connections they make at the event.” Combined with the connections made available through the STEM fair and last week’s recruitment dinner, ECEn students are consistently put in positions to succeed. Thanks to our department’s planning and broad network, graduates are often able to find career positions even before they receive their diplomas. With multiple companies consistently vying for ECEn students’ attention and desire, the successful direction of this program remains clear.