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After 45+ years, Joe Bussio finally has time for fishing

Joe Bussio managed the Electrical and Computer Engineering shop for over 45 years. He was everyone’s go-to guy, and you could count on him to build anything and make everyone laugh.

Joe shaped the shop into what it is today–an open environment for students to work on projects. He was always passionate about experiential learning and putting students first, and the shop today has all the resources students need to succeed.

Dr. Long shares that Joe “always had projects he was working on.” Whether it’s restoring old clocks, elaborate woodworking projects, or magnificent stained glass pieces, Joe is always looking for a new project to express his creativity and work with his hands. Many of his coworkers and shop technicians admire his hard work and creativity.

Joe could frequently be heard saying things like “It will be alright” and “We’ll figure it out.” There was no problem he shied away from, and was always ready to offer reassurance and support.

Joe’s retirement was celebrated with an abundance of his colleagues and technicians, and a tower of Dr. Pepper cans stacked high–a tribute to his undying love for the soda.

We hope that Joe has more time to do the things he loves as he begins this new chapter of his life. We will all miss his witty and dependable presence in the shop, and wish him the best in his retirement!

Congratulations to Joe on his retirement!