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Alumni and Students gather for ECE picnic

Students at department picnic

As finals approached and anxieties rose, there was a desperate need for respite. Luckily, the ECEn department came to the rescue. Even with the threat of inclement weather, we had a great turnout at our annual Department IEEE Picnic last Thursday. Our dear secretaries looked on as the wind dispersed our flyers and swag across the pavilion. We were all grateful for the hot chocolate and sunny dispositions that kept us warm. The smoke was thick, but so were the patties that Dr. Jeffs and Dr. Beard served valiantly as grill masters.

There were babies and fur babies, family and friends. Long-time classmates finally met their peers’ spouses, and alumni, faculty, undergrads, and grad students broke ranks to mingle and break bread together. Tensions rose as Dr. Wirthlin challenged his students to a round of “four-square volleyball,” and despite the blood and sweat— no tears, thank goodness— the students were gracious knowing that their final grades had not yet been submitted.

As the sun finally broke through the ominous clouds, Our Fearless Leader, Dr. Aaron Hawkins, gave his seal of approval with a curt nod in the direction of the teeming pavilion.

Thanks to everyone who participated and volunteered their time to make this possible. Special thanks to the ECEn secretaries, led by Jana Featherstone, Dani Harper, and Maddie Furstenau, for all of the time taken to set up and prepare the delicious food and to IEEE for overseeing the activities.

Dr. Beard at the grill
Students playing