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Ant Annihilation Build Nights

Each Thursday night, students and alumni gather at build nights to work on their battle bots for the upcoming Ant Annihilation competition. The students and alumni work in teams and have each built their own unique battle bots with different fighting mechanisms and parts. However, all of the battle bots must weigh 1 pound or 453 grams at the most and must pass the safety check in one month.

Now that many teams have designs of 3D models for their robots, they are also working out what parts they can use to make the robot most effective and stay within the rules. Teams are discussing how they would like to control their robots, and what kinds of motors they are going to use. Shop employees also attend build nights to offer their support.

The countdown is on! These battle bots teams will continue to improve their projects until the Ant Annihilation competition on December 2nd in the Wilkinson Student Center’s Garden Court from 10am to 3pm. And for those who can't be there in person, we've got you covered - the entire spectacle will be live streamed, so you won't have to miss the action.