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Capstone celebrates another successful year of engineering projects

Capstone students from departments in BYU’s school of engineering showcased their projects at the Capstone Design Fair on Thursday, April 4. Hundreds of people marveled at the technologies students used in their projects and the methods they developed to accomplish something new.

In the Capstone program, students from all engineering departments come together to combine their skills to work on multidisciplinary projects. The teams meet each weekday morning throughout the fall and winter semesters of their senior years to work on a project of real importance and use for a company or sponsor.

Projects at the design fair ranged from electronic lids to stop kitchen pots from boiling over to an autonomous golf cart to ocean drone recovery systems. A machine that can pull nails out of wood was also on display, which has the potential to save time and energy for their sponsor.

Attendees watched the Mars Rover autonomously move around objects and witnessed some of the capabilities of the mechanical arm. BYU Racing showcased some of their vehicles alongside projects with environmental applications such as lighted sprinkler heads, drone-based pest control, and CO2 sensors for corn crop storage.

We’d like to thank all of the generous sponsors this year for their support. Capstone is made possible by our sponsor’s mentorship, contributions, and projects. We’d also like to congratulate the students for their hard work on their projects. We can’t wait to see what they can accomplish in the future. Here’s to another year of Capstone!