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Dr. Nordin and Research Team Awarded New Patent

Nordin patent

The term “microfluidic” is used to describe a channel or fluid portal with fluid passages dimensioned less than 100 micrometers. To put this metric to scale, 100 micrometers is exactly a tenth of a millimeter.

Working with such precise measurements, Dr. Nordin and a group of BYU students recently patented a method for creating microfluidic microchips for 3D printing. Specialized printing materials and techniques allowed for the creation of channels and microfluidic reservoirs within the devices.

More specifically, with this method of 3D printing, extremely thin layers of resin were hardened by UV light until the desired shape was produced.

With the development of this technology, the work done by Dr. Nordin’s team has the potential to greatly impact a wide range of industries and applications.