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ECE Hosts Students from Japan

Japan 1.jpg

Last week, BYU Electrical and Computer Engineering partnered with BYU Conferences and Workshops in hosting a group of 120 Japanese junior high students from Tokyo, Japan with the hopes of getting them excited about electrical and computer engineering.

The students went on a guided tour of campus and visited the labs in the Engineering Building and did some hands-on experimenting in other areas of the building. In the Robotics Lab they saw the model city of Provo with rubber duckies instead of people. They experimented with facial recognition in the Weidman Center, virtual reality in the EB Event Center, and drones in the Magicc Lab. They saw the MRI in action and in the Net Lab they played Tetris on the new Seven Segment Sign (SSS). See the Seven Segment Sign here:

Find out more about the labs at BYU here: Virtual Tour Videos