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Faculty Spotlight with Dr. Scott Lloyd

Each week, we will be getting to know our faculty members a little better. This week, get to know Dr. Scott Lloyd.


Dr. Scott Lloyd, who teaches Intro to Embedded Programming, Intro to Algorithm Design, and Jr. Team Design Project, wasn’t always standing in front of a classroom. In the 90’s, Dr. Lloyd was, with some of his peers, at the forefront of one of the greatest innovations in computing as we know it: parallel processing. Parallel processing allows for systems of computers as big as a tennis court to work together on single complex problems, which has created countless new
pathways for modern innovation. Dr. Lloyd co-founded one of the first companies—Alta Technology Corporation, later Linux Networx—to bring this idea, which had only been dreamed of, into reality.

With Linux Networx, he was able to work on his most fun project: designing a motion platform for a flight simulator. During this contract-based project, he got to explore aviation—an interest passed down from his father—and its intersection with high-level computing and engineering using the concept of 6DOF (six degrees of freedom).

Looking to the future at what the world needs, he noted that if he could discover or create one grand thing in his life, it would be a truly effective and efficient source of renewable energy; perhaps practical fusion.