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Juniors Attend 2nd Annual Christmas Party

Junior Core.jpg

For the second year, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering hosted a Christmas party for students in the junior core. Organized in the events space in the Engineering Building, the party welcomed the majority of the students in the Junior Core.

Events of the evening included a trivia game, board and video games, a photo booth, and a White Elephant gift exchange.

The professors in the department put together a Kahoot trivia game. The purpose of the game was to match the fact with the correct professor or to vote on which professor was the most likely to do something.

Wyatt Houston, a junior in the Electrical Engineering program, said, “There was a giant Kahoot game with 42 questions about the faculty. We found out that Dr. Smalley got the FBI called on him when he was 15. We also voted that Dr. Rice was the most likely to show up for class, mostly because he showed up late very consistently for his 380 class.”

These games, along with the opportunity to have a relaxing experience right before finals, was much appreciated by students.

“It was a welcome break,” Wyatt said. “A lot of us were programming so we took a couple hour break. It was much needed.”

Echoing Wyatt’s words, many students enjoyed the activity. It is an experience this year’s sophomores have to look forward to next Christmas.