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National Spectrum Consortium Awards Electrical Engineering Graduate the Women in Spectrum Scholarship

Kayla Lyman

ECE Master's student, Kayla Lyman, was recognized for her (electromagnetic) spectrum contributions by the National Spectrum Consortium last month; she was awarded the Women in Spectrum Scholarship.

This event marked the Consortium’s first time awarding this scholarship. It was given to Lyman and three other women studying engineering in the US.

The Consortium is a group that brings together industry and academic professionals who are concerned with the use of the electromagnetic spectrum for technology, information, research, and development.

Having just graduated from the Electrical Engineering program in December, we asked Kayla's advice for those considering joining the program. “This major is so worth it. We get to work on the most cutting-edge technology, and you will understand how many of the things we rely on day-to-day work in a way that your peers probably never will.”

In the conversation of cutting-edge technology, Lyman is living up to her own expectations and career goals! Working with Dr. Brian Jeffs and Dr. Karl Warnick in the Radio Astronomy Systems group, she is currently creating an instrument that will hopefully be integrated on the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia.

After becoming a finalist for the award, Lyman participated in an interview with the scholarship panel so that they could familiarize themselves with her and make a final decision.

In a video call with Dr. Sheryl Genco, executive committee member of the National Spectrum Consortium, the Consortium’s high praise for Lyman’s work was evident. Dr. Genco remarked that Lyman’s journey was “inspiring for engineering students, both male and female.”

Since graduating, she is now starting her master’s degree here at BYU. Post-graduation, she’s expressed her interest in pursuing a degree in engineering education.

“I’m really passionate about broadening participation in electrical engineering and improving student experiences so that everyone who is interested in the field is encouraged to pursue it.”

Lyman originally decided to join the electrical engineering program after taking her first digital systems class. Her journey as a curious undergraduate student to becoming a full-time engineer is a testament to her passion and an amazing example for those currently in the ECE program.