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Study Abroad: Exploring Cybersecurity and Renewable Energy in Denmark

Study abroad students in Denmark

To expand their knowledge of power grids, sustainable living, and cybersecurity, a group of cybersecurity students from the Electrical and Computer Engineering department embarked on an exciting study abroad program in Denmark.

Throughout their one-month stay, the students immerse themselves in Danish culture, visit local attractions, and engage in educational activities to learn more about renewable energy, public transportation, and the impact of historical culture on society.

During their time in Denmark, the students take part in various educational activities to enhance their understanding of power grids, sustainable living, and cybersecurity. They have been on a comprehensive tour of Metro Service, the company responsible for managing the city's metro lines, gaining valuable insights into Denmark's efficient public transportation system.

Students will also study the differences between Denmark's and the United States’ renewable energy practices. As part of their academic journey, the students will climb an offshore windmill, present their research findings at Aalborg University, and visit a power plant in downtown Copenhagen.

When they are not busy with educational endeavors, the students can enjoy Denmark's beauty, local food, and historical attractions. The students enjoy the stunning trees, fauna, wildflowers, and fields of Copenhagen.

The students visited three palaces, including Kronborg Castle, the inspiration behind Shakespeare's play Hamlet, and saw the original Christus statue and twelve apostle statues in the Church of Our Lady. The students noticed the integration of Danish art within the art of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, as they saw the Danish origins of the Christus statue and the replicas of Carl Bloch's paintings in church buildings.

When asked about their advice to those considering study abroad, the students recommended taking the leap because of the invaluable shadowing opportunities. They also shared that prospective students should not be deterred by financial concerns as there are many scholarships to make these experiences available to everyone.

Each year, there are many study abroad opportunities available to engineering students. Check them out!