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That’s a wrap!

IMMERSE, an undergraduate research program that brings together students from BYU and abroad in the fields of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has completed another successful season here at BYU. Together, professors and students research topics in the Electrical and Computer Engineering domains. Research topics this summer ranged from Photonics and Microfabrication to Remote Sensing.

IMMERSE students recently celebrated the end of their summer research with a barbecue social–one of many activities planned each summer. Other activities include a board game night, a hike to the Y, and the list goes on! IMMERSE scholars traded their lab coats for gaming controllers during the Nintendo tournament, and they even had the chance at the closing social to show off their 9 square skills.

These activities are planned each year by a group of students called the IMMERSE social committee with the purpose of giving their fellow researchers fun ways to socialize and meet each other. Rebecca Anderson is one of these students on the committee, which is appointed by Dr. Karl Warnick. She shares that her research in IMMERSE has given her a glimpse into graduate school and opened her more up to the idea. “This program allows me to better prepare for such an opportunity,” she said.

Rebecca also shares that IMMERSE is flexible and will work with students’ schedules. Many students participating in summer research are part-time or full-time students in the spring or summer semesters.

This year’s program was certainly a success, reflecting IMMERSE’s dedication to empowering undergraduate students to shape a brighter future through innovation and academic excellence.