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Adrian Krag


Aeronautics, Analog Design, Digital Design, Electromagnetics, Embedded Systems, Medical, RF, Robotics

I graduated From BYU in 1979 - with a BSEE with an emphasis on Microwave engineering. I later completed a doctorate at the University of Utah and an MBA at University of Phoenix. I also have a Masters in Math from University of Alaska - Okay, I'm really old. I worked for Lockheed Martin in Denver for 12 years designing space based electronics. I also taught as a part-time adjunct professor at the University of Colorado for the 12 years I lived in Denver. I then went to HP in 1979. I started working as a microwave engineer, but transitioned to Digital Electronics - Embedded microprocessors and FPGA design. I worked for HP for 7 years, 4 of which were spent in Malaysia setting up the Manufacturing facility and training local engineers. After HP, I worked for the Alfred Mann Foundation and developed biomedical implant devices. I was then promoted to VP of R&D, and after that I ran my own company, Quixotic Engineering Development. I developed a range of small projects for customers, including a hand held bio hazard sensor, USB-powered arbitrary waveform generator, and a floor flatness measurement robot.