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Cameron Wilde

Cameron Wilde


Pre-silicon Verification (SoC/Computer)

I graduated from BYU in June 2002 with a Bachelor's degree, then in December 2003 with a Master's. During my education, I did three summer internships with Intel in Hillsboro, OR. They offered me a full-time position as I was heading back for my final semester, and I took it.

I was sure I wanted to go into digital design. When I arrived though, I was put into pre-silicon verification. I figured I would pay my penance, do it for a while, and then move to design. It only took a few months before I realized how much I loved verification, and I have been doing it ever since.

I spent 17 years at Intel, verifying that chips from the Pentium 4 to recent Intel Core Processors worked as expected by creating, running, and debugging tests that exercised the chip's functionality. I got to work with very smart people who had a passion for technology and contributed to much of the technology that exist in computers, cars, and phones today.

In 2020, I had the opportunity to move to Microsoft, start a new team, and tackle innovative designs. I have appreciated Microsoft's culture and the ability to bring my verification skills to a new environment. I hope to spend a long time making an impact here.