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Davis Crabb

Davis Crabb

4Life Research LLC

Mobile App Development

I'm the Director of Mobile Development for 4Life Research LLC. I went into Computer Engineering for the simple reason that I liked math and computers. I chose Computer Engineering over Computer Science because I wanted to learn about hardware as well as software. As I advanced in my degree I found that I enjoyed writing software a lot more than I enjoyed creating (and debugging) hardware. I specifically enjoyed CS240, which at the time was Android mobile app development. I love thinking through user experience and design and then building that. I interned at 4Life and then was given a job offer. I think software development provides a unique opportunity for career advancement. In the past 4 years I've increased my salary by $60k, and I don't think there are many industries where that can be done. I've done some freelance work on the side, creating a music app for an LDS artist, Hilary Weeks, and then creating an app for an oil tank manufacturing facility. I have loved my career. I'm hoping to start a startup or join a small startup at some point in my career, but for now I am really happy with where I'm at and find a lot of satisfaction in my work.