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Patricio Alvarez

Patricio Alvarez

Meta (Facebook Reality Labs)

Analog Design, Digital Design, Embedded Systems

I am a Senior Electrical Engineer with 17 years of experience in the consumer electronics area. I have worked at HPE, Micron, Amazon, Apple, and currently Meta (Facebook FRL). My first years of engineering started with digital & analog circuit design, schematics entry, PCB design for high speed single ended and differential signaling, etc. As I accumulated more experience I became a systems integration engineer overseeing a broader design experience for a team of EEs. While at Apple I became the System Integration EE lead for the iPad Pro series for the past two years. I currently hold the same position at Meta FRL (Facebook Reality Labs) working on wearables focused on Augmented Reality.

In my personal life I am married to my BYU sweetheart, and we are the exhausted parents of three boys enjoying the Bay Area with all it has to offer.