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Steven Meyer

Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division

Analog Design, Digital Design, Embedded Systems, RF

As a kid I was interested in Amateur Radio and got my Novice license when I was 12. I went to BYU and received my BSEE with the electronics option. (Not sure if they still break out the options). I went to work at the Naval Air Warfare Center right after graduating from BYU. I started work as a telemetry design engineer. It involved analog, digital and RF design work. The telemetry systems went into missiles and targets to collect and transmit data on their performance during the test and evaluation phases of programs. I moved more towards looking for new technologies that could be used to support telemetry systems. One was to be able to provide tracking of test missiles with the use of GPS. I have managed several GPS tracking projects for missile and target telemetries. I am now the Airborne Instrumentation System Department’s Investment and Developments Officer. I help engineers that have good ideas for technology development in the area of telemetry to find investment funds. I also help with finding funds to buy new equipment that engineers and technicians need to do their jobs. I hold five patents. I have published and presented many papers at the International Telemetry Conference and the International Test and Evaluation Association.