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Yaju Nagaonkar

Intel Corp.

Digital Design

I enjoyed the Computer Engineering program at BYU because of the amazing faculty and their mentorship during both undergraduate and graduate study. The outstanding student body was amazing in keeping things competitive and challenging. The guidance counsellor at that time was Ann Tanner who was a great resource in connecting me with faculty mentors.

Each year at BYU I completed internships externally and also did research projects with the Mechanical Engineering and Computer departments at BYU. Those experiences provided a good platform for working in a corporate environment. The career counselling centers for the Engineering and Computer Science departments were very useful.

I started at Intel Corp. in Folsom California upon graduation and have built my career there. I have worked in various roles, including digital design, verification, and performance analysis modeling for Intel's chipsets and graphics hardware products. Currently I am a Software Engineer working in Intel's Firmware group, and provide support to Intel's customers, such as Microsoft.