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Graduate Financial Support

The department provides as much financial assistance to graduate students as is available within departmental and university guidelines, with all awards granted on a competitive basis. Types of aid available include:

  • Tuition Awards: The department offers a limited number of full and partial tuition awards on a competitive basis. PhD students receive priority for tuition awards.
  • Teaching Assistantships: The department awards a limited number of teaching assistantships to well-qualified graduate students. Teaching assistants are paid on an hourly basis and must apply at the beginning of the semester. You may apply for a TA position if you have been unsuccessful in arranging paid RA support from a faculty adviser.
  • Research Assistantships: Graduate students may be awarded research assistantships by individual faculty members to assist them with externally funded research. If you desire a research assistantship you must make arrangements with faculty members.
  • Fellowships: The department awards a limited number of research fellowships to graduate students engaged in productive research under the advisement of a faculty member.

BYU Fellowship Opportunities

Graduate Research Fellowship AwardDesigned to be used in support of student's research and creative work. Graduate students who are in the initial stages of their research may apply.
HIDRADesigned to recruit non-BYU originating PhD graduate students, and is therefore restricted to applicants whose undergraduate education was obtained at other institutions.
Research Presentation AwardIntended to enable graduate students to travel to important conferences to present their scholarly and creative work. Graduate students presenting original research at conferences may apply.
Graduate Mentoring AwardSupplemental funding for graduate students who are mentored by faculty and, in turn, mentor undergraduate students. Faculty may apply for these awards on the invitation of college deans.

External Fellowship Opportunities

OpportunityDescriptionApproximate deadline
National Science Foundation Graduate Research FellowshipThree-year fellowship for graduate study in science, mathematics, and engineering. Applicants must be seniors or first-year graduate students and must be US citizens, nationals, or permanent resident aliens.Early November
National Defence Science and Engineering Graduate FellowshipThree-year fellowship for US citizens or nationals at or near beginning of graduate study in science and engineering.Early January
Hertz Foundation FellowshipUp to five-year fellowship for US citizens or permanent residents studying physical sciences or engineering.Early November
Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship for ServiceUp to five-year scholarship with additional cash award, paid summer internships, and employment placement.Early December
Rocky Mountain NASA Space GrantResearch fellowship for students at various Utah institutions (including BYU) studying engineering, science, medicine, or technology.Early September
Tau Beta Pi FellowshipOne year fellowship for graduate study in engineering. Applicants must be members of Tau Beta Pi.January
American Association of University Women Selected Profession FellowshipOne-year fellowship for women pursing graduate study in selected fields.December/January
American Association of University Women International FellowshipOne-year fellowship for non-US women pursing graduate study at US institutions.December
US Department of Homeland Security: GraduateUp to three-year fellowship for graduate study in a variety of fields. Applicants must be willing to accept competitive employment offers from DHS or security-related institutions.February

More fellowship opportunities as well as contact information for faculty coaches who are familiar with the details of these opportunities can be found at the Undergraduate Education website.

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